Thursday, October 8, 2009

One of the big ones

We get to hear the heartbeat at our appointment this afternoon. I'm so excited and scared!! I've been so nervous these last few weeks because I've been working so much and so stressed out and tired. I just hope it hasn't affected the baby. Hopefully this afternoon all my worries will be laid to rest. We still don't know if its twins or not so I guess we will find that out this afternoon also. SOOO EXCITING!! My mom has twins on both sides of her family so our chances are up. But either way we will be thrilled. We just want a healthy, happy baby (boy or girl, one or two).

My mom is supposed to come with us this afternoon. Hopefully she can make it. We just found out that my little sister has a sis on her ovaries so my mom is trying to get her a doctors appt this afternoon also. Hopefully everything is ok with her. She's been in alot of pain lately.

Anyway, I'll update after the big appointment with the head count and heart rate! Have a great day.