Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring (ok maybe not pouring)

But it finally rained a little at our house yesterday afternoon. It hasn't rained since June 2nd. So we went 3 weeks without any rain. And it's been over 100 degrees every day so we were in desperate need of a little water. It didn't rain long but we got about a 1/2" of rain. I'll take anything at this point. I cut the grass last Friday and it was nothing but dust. I could barely see as I was cutting. Anyway, we were very excited about the rain last night. We just need it to rain a few more times and we can start working on our landscaping around the new patio. The ground is so hard right now that we can't even plant anything.

And on anther note, how 'bout them Tigers? If you missed the LSU vs. Texas game last night then you missed a great game. The Tigers pulled it off in the 11th inning (7-6). GEAUX TIGERS! I can't wait to see this after we stomp Texas again tonight and take home the world series championship.

Until next time. GEAUX TIGERS!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

New patio

Tommy and I both woke up Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with sore backs. Why? you ask...well I had this bright idea to lay a paver patio in out back yard. Yeah, bright idea Stacey. Never, ever put your self (or your spouse) through this. We started out a with a nice grassy area

Then we tore it to pieces with huge machines

Whats that tall mountain in the back??? Well it's a soon to be pond with a waterfall.

We then packed the sand down, and packed it again, and then packed it once more

All the while, our dog was sleeping.

And then we leveled everything with more sand.

And that was only Friday. But thanks to our neighbor and one of Tommy's friends, Fontenot we were able to complete quite a bit in only one day. However, we still have over 3000 pavers to lay down.

The next morning I woke up early and started laying pavers while Tommy worked on the border.
And thanks to Fontenot, Tommy's dad, Nick P, and Dontrell we "thought" we were halfway complete by noon.

We didn't make much progress after lunch. I think we were all tired and hurting. We worked until about 4:00 and then called it a day. Tommy and I woke up Sunday morning and went to church. Our backs and thighs were hurting throughout the entire mass. After mass we rushed home to finish laying the bricks. My Uncle Matt even showed up to help. Much to our surprise as we got close to the end we started to realize that we may not enough of the rectangle pavers. Great, just great. We were left with about a 6' by 9' section and we had no rectangle pavers. We could have finish by noon on Sunday. So we did everything we could and called it a day until Monday morning since the stone place where we got the pavers was closed until 8:00 Monday morning. So at 7:30 we were sitting in the parking lot and trying to look through the fence at their inventory to see if we could see any rectangle pavers in the same color. Luckily they had some. We rushed home to finish so we could return the rental equipment by 1:00 and came home and passed out. I would never do this again but I do have to say that I am very happy with the result. We will definately get alot of use out of this space. Thanks to everyone that helped out! We owe them a BBQ or crawfish boil so we can party on the patio.
But I may need to get more patio furniture before then because I have alot more room to fill in.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!