Monday, October 8, 2012

The many sayings of Miss Abigail

Abigail has really started to express her personality lately. The other night I told her not to do something and she turned around and said, "Don't talk to me that way!". Ha, it took all I had to punish her and not laugh. And tonight she was drawing and coloring and when I looked over she had drawn an A. So I told her that was an A and she drew it really pretty. She looked at me and said, "yep, that's right" very assertive.
She has a large personality and makes us laugh every day. When we swing on the playset she sings, "See saw, Mardi Gras, mommy had a baby" and
Sometimes exchanges mommy for paw paw or Cajun. And then she giggles giggles giggles.
And recently she's really enjoyed folding the clothes. I don't think it will last long but I'll take it while I can get it.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

I'm slowly but surely catching up on posts and pictures.

Fathers day this year was quite. Tommy had to work so we celebrated the day before and that afternoon we visited him at the fire station.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mothers day 2012

I had wonderful mothers day this year. I am so bless to have such a great husband a 2 wonderful kids. We spent the day at my brother-in-laws house. And had dinner with my parents and sisters family that night.

Friday, June 8, 2012

When did this...

Turn into this! This kid is growing up way too fast! I wish I could slow time down. But no regrets, I have enjoyed every second of her childhood. She is an absolutely wonderful little girl that has completely stolen my heart.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Connors hospital visit

Connor came down with RSV in late January and had to be admitted to the hospital. He had bronchiolitis a few prior and never got over it so that made the RSV even worst. My poor dude was in the hospital for 3 days. That was 3 LONG day trying to get him better and keep Abigail at home and away from him. Thank god Tommy was off and could help.

My big ole boy aka The Tank

This picture was taken when Connor was 3.5 months old. He was big then and hasn't stopped growing!


This just shows you how much blogging I need to catch up on. This picture was from the national championship game day.

Fun with cousin Logan!

Tommy's brother has a little boy that is four and Abigail adores him. She tries to do everything he does,which usually gets her in trouble.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

No more Nonnor!

Stacey Heidbrink

No more Nonnor...she calls him Connor now

This video is from mid January

Sleepy baby

Connor is such a good napper during the day. He'll take a short nap in the morning and a 2-2.5 hour nap in the afternoon. However his night to sleeping habits aren't as great. He wakes up at least 1-2 times a night to eat. He'll usually go back to bed soon after. He's just a growing boy that wants to constantly eat.

Catching up - tea party

One day while Connor was napping Abigail decided to set up all of her stuffed animals and have a tea party. This was in early January so she was 20 months. She has such a great imagination.

Catching up - silly abigail

I posted at the end of December and haven't really caught up since. LOTS has occurred since then. So I'll slowly catch up one post at a time.
Here are some silly pictures of Abigail one morning. She is so adorable and such a light in our lives!!

Firefighter of the year!

Tommy was awarded with the firefighter of the year award tonight. I'm so proud of my hubby! Amazing father, wonderful husband and hardworking and dedicated fireman!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I was changing abigail's diaper this morning and complaining to her how much it stunk when she asked me a question. "Mommy, does my poop have corn in it?". I couldn't even answer I was laughing so hard. That girl comes up with some funny stuff! I love my little princess!