Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Abigail is going to be a big sister!!!

Tommy's excitement/shock!

My excitement/shock!!

Abigail's big sister shirt!

Abigail's excitement!

We've been knowing for a quite a while. These pictures were taken the afternoon I took the test so Abigail is much younger. I'm actually already 22 weeks. I took a test (ok, 3 tests) in early January and they were all positive. Tommy was working that night so Abigail and I enjoyed the secret for one night. The next morning when Tommy came home I told him Santa left him another present and I handed him a gift bag with the 3 tests in it. He was shocked/happy/surprised/overwhelmed/etc. We decided a few months ago to just let things take their course and see what happened. Well it happened...quicker then we thought it would.

We are so thrilled! My due date is September 19th. I'm excited and scared to have 2 under 2. Abigail will be 16 months old in September. Its going to fun to have them so close in age. Hopefully they will be close friends. Tommy doesn't want to know the gender so we're not going to find out :-/ I really want to know. I love to plan things and if I don't know if its a boy or a girl it will be hard for me to plan the nursery, the clothes, etc. But it will be fun and exciting to find out that day!

Here's to great and healthy 9 months (well only 4 months left!)

I have lots to post on Abigail's big birthday and turning a year old! I have lots of exciting things to share. I really need to start using this blog more often to keep track of our lives so we can look back on all of the great times.