Friday, June 20, 2008

It's about time...

Well finally ESPN has decided to show the LSU vs UNC baseball game. Tommy and I went to Chili's last night to hang out and watch the game and after half of an inning there was a rain delay. So we waited a while and after the announcer said the game would not resume until 8:30 (it was 7:00 at the time) we decided to head home. So at 8:30 the decision was made to postpone the game until today. Well, just our luck. It started raining again and they had an hour or so rain delay tonight. But I'm happy to report that the game is FINALLY on. However LSU is losing 2-1 in the bottom of the fourth. So we have some work to do for the next 5 innings! GEAUX TIGERS!

On another note, we finally got out lawn mower back from the repair shop and I was able to cut the grass without blowing black smoke all over the yard. We had our TV at the repair shop, our lawn mower out of service, and a crew building a shop for the back yard. Its been hard to live without a TV for a few weeks but we finally have everything, the lawn mower, the TV, and the shop!! Hopefully nothing else breaks anytime soon.

Well I'm off to cheer on the Tigers.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Laura's Wedding

We went to my cousin's wedding a few weekends ago and never posted pistures so I figured I better. We had a blast. I was the matron of honor so we went to the rehearsal and dinner on Friday night and then the wedding was Saturday at 1:00. She made a beautiful bride. And I know her and Vincent are going to have a very long and great life together! Congratulations!

Monday, June 9, 2008

We won!

The fire department (really just a few of the firemen from the fire dept) participated in a Brisket Cook off this past Saturday. And they won...well they didn't win the brisket cookoff but they did win the drinking contest! I think we drank over 200 beers...needless to say we had a great time.

My weekend was pretty busy this weekend. Friday I took my niece to see a movie and we had lunch and snowballs in the park and enjoyed the beautiful day! I think she had a really good time. She was falling asleep on the way back so I know she was worn out. Then Saturday we spent all day at the cookoff and then went 4 wheeler riding that night. That was a blast. I covered from head to toe in mud. And Sunday we took it easy and did a few things around the house. It was nice to just be able to relax and not be rushed the day before I go back to work.

Our TV has been at the repair shop for the past weekend so our house is so quite right now. It's amazing how much you actually miss your TV when you don't have one. We usually just have it on and don't even watch it. Just the noise is what I miss. And the fact that I couldn't watch the LSU baseball game. So hopefully we will have it back tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm baaack

Wow, the time has gone by so fast. I'm back to the blog after almost 6 months. I promise to start keeping it more up-to-date. We have a busy summer planned. I think my weekends for the next 3 months are all booked up. This weekend we have are participating in a brisket cook-off with the Fire Department. It should be lots of fun. I hope we win! Tommy and a few other firmen have competed in 2 cook offs so far and they have placed in each one. We were in the catfish cookoff in Washington and got 3rd place and then at the etoufee festival in Arnaudville we got 1st place in the vegetable division and 2nd place in the most spirited contest! So wish us luck this weekend. I'll post some pictures from the cook-off this weekend.