Monday, June 28, 2010

Great weekend

Friday night Tommy and I had our first date night since Abigail was born. My mom watched her while we went to Texas de Brazil. It was delicious and very nice to get out of house and have some adult time. We need to do that more often.

Saturday we had a party with all if the people I work with. We were able to show off Abigail to everyone. She was the star of the party. I had a great time hanging out with everyone from work that I hadn't seen in a few months. Tommy is such a great husband and daddy and he watched over Abigail the entire time so I could relax and have a few drinks with everyone.

Sunday we hung out a home a little and went to Tommy's parents house for pizza and ice cream cake for my birthday...the diet has been put on hold.

Speaking of diet, I posted a few weeks ago that I started the 30 day shred...well I did it for about 5 days and then got "busy" with other things and I've only done it a few times since then. So I really need to get my butt in gear. I turn 26 today, so I want to lose 26 pounds. Hopefully going back to work will help. I've been stuffing my face with food since I've been home. And I plan on following the weight watchers plan. I lost about 15 pounds on weight watchers right before we got married and I loved the program. So I'm hoping it works for me again.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

The blog has mostly been about Abigail the last few weeks so it’s only fair that I write about Tommy on Fathers day. I don’t even know where to begin. This guy is the absolute best husband I could ever ask for and he just seems so natural at being a dad. He got the diaper changing, feeding, burping, etc down pat. It’s like the minute Abigail was born he knew exactly what to do. I couldn’t ask for a better father for my child. He is amazing. And it takes my breath away to watch him rock her in the recliner and stare into her eyes while she stares back. I can’t wait to see the love between them grow.
He has been such a HUGE help the last few weeks. When he’s a work I have to change her, feed her, pump, then wash. When he’s home, he takes over. He does it all (except pump!). Abigail and I are so lucky to have him in our lives.

Happy first Father’s Day Tommy! We love you!

Ok enough sappy stuff...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Update and pics (almost 6 weeks old!)

Visiting with Nana

Peacefully sleeping in her own bed in her own room.

Tummy Time!! She's never far from that pacifier.

Abigail and paw paw Ronn. For some reason I didn't get a picture of her with my mom (Granny).

Abigail and grandma

Abigail and Paw Paw Larry

GEAUX TIGERS!!! We have many more LSU outfits to come.

All decked out in her UL gear.

I've been enjoying my last few weeks home with Abigail. We seem to be getting out more and more. I haven't quite gotten her on a schedule yet. It's hard to get the schedule consistent when she wakes up at different times each day. Most days she eats around 7-8pm, then around 12:30am, then 3:30, then 6:30 or 7. But each day is a little different. Like last night she ate around 8:30 pm then didn't wake up until 3:30 am to eat, then she slept again until 8:00. So we got some GOOD sleep last night.
I go back to work on July 1st and I'm not ready to leave my little girl. But I'm ready to get some adult interactions and start challenging my brain a little. We visited her daycare the other day and I got to spend some talking to the lady that will be watching her. It definitely helped me feel a little a better. I know she's in good hands.
Abigail has been eating 4-5 ounces (usually 5 ounces) ever 3 - 3.5 hours. I had to stop nursing her about 2 weeks ago because my let down coming too quickly and causing her to choke and spit up. So now I pump and feed her with a bottle. It's more convenient when were out running errands but I'm already getting tired of feeding her, then pumping, then washing bottles and pump gear, then going to bed. But I'm going to try to keep this up until she's 6 months. Hopefully it's easier once i go back to work and i only have to pump and the daycare will feed her.

Here's a few more updates:
-Abigail has started to smile more and more each day, mostly in the morning. She has the cutest little gummy smile.
-She recently broke out with baby acne and a little eczema on her face. We started putting aquaphor and hydrocortisone twice a day and it's already looking much better.
-We started putting her in her crib in her nursery when she was 4 weeks. I cried the first night like a little baby but she did great!
-Tummy time seems to be working and she can hold her head up more and more each day.
-I'm on day 6 of the Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred. I'm trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. i have about 12 lbs to go.
-Tommy has been busy working and keeping up with yard work. Last weekend we cleaned up our backyard landscaping and he cleaned out the waterfall/pond. It looks great!
-Tommy and I are going for our first night out without Abigail next weekend. She's staying with my mom and dad. I'm a little nervous but I know she will be fine. I'm sure I'll cry when we leave her, it's just a mother thing I guess. But the night out will certainly be appreciated. I can't wait to relax and drink a few adult beverages!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy One Month Birthday Abigail!

1 month picture
In her cocoon with daddy

With her great-great-grandma.

I honestly can not believe my little girl is already 1 month old. It feels like yesterday I was in the hospital walking the halls to get labor started so we could finally meet her. Tommy and I have loved every minute with her this month. She’s grown up so much in these 4 weeks.

-She weighs 10.6 lbs as of yesterday.
-She’s in size 1 diapers
-She’s starting to grow out of some of her newborn clothes. She mostly wears 0-3 month stuff now.
-She eats 4-5 ounces every 3 hours.
-She’s taking breastmilk exclusively from a bottle now. Apparently nursing her was feeding her too quickly and making her spit up a lot of the milk. So bottle feeding it is.
-We’re starting to get on more of a schedule. I try to feed her around 7 or 8 in the morning as the start of the day and then she eats every 3 hours until 7 or 8 at night. Then its bed time and she does not eat until she wakes up. A few nights ago she went 6 hours between feedings, but she usually goes 4-5 hours at night.
-She is lifting her head very well during tummy time (and chest time with daddy!) and can hold it up for a quite a while.
-We haven’t heard many oohs or aaahs yet but this girl makes A LOT of noise. She grunts ALL the time. I definitely need to get a video of it. It’s hilarious, especially when we’re in the middle if a store and she starts grunting for about 45 seconds. We get lots of looks.
-She had her first trip to the mall yesterday. One of many many trips!!