Thursday, August 28, 2008

Run...Gustav is coming!!

Hurricane Gustav is headed straight for my house according to the center of this cone. So all hands are on deck to prepare for a major hurricane. I'm just so glad we went on the cruise last week and not next week...speaking of cruise, pictures will be posted ASAP (unless Gustav doesn't let me!).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Have I told you lately...

My husband is so wonderful. He really is. Of course there are times when I probably think the exact opposite but I just seem to forget all the small things he does for me. Yesterday when I got into my car after work I had a little purple sheet of paper on my driver side seat. It simply said, "Hope you have a great day. I love you!" Awww, it brought tears to my eyes. Well actually it made me cry. Something so small and simple means so much to me. It was the time it took him to get to my car and put the note in there and not to mention that he even thought of that on his own! He's great!! And this got me thinking of some small things I can do for him to let him know I'm thinking about him. He doesn't like or want flowers so thats out of the questions. Anyone have any good ideas?

And did I mention how excited I am about going on a cruise in only 4 days! Woo hoo. I can't wait. We're going to have a blast. I should have a HUGE post full of pictures when we return next Saturday.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Crystal Beach

We went to Crystal Beach, TX last weekend for a fun vacation with 11 of our friends. We stayed in a 2 bedroom beach house and squeezed in 13 people. Needless to say we had a blast. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

We had a blast the entire weekend. We went Kemah, TX the first night and the went to Schlitterbahn on Friday. We went out on The Stand in Galveston on Friday night. The ferry ride was horrible. It took atleast 1 hour just to get onto the ferry every time we rode it. We relaxed on the beach all day Saturday and Saturday night we went for a walk on the beach. Before we even made it out of the yard MJ fell down 7 steps and busted up his foot (atleast it wasn't Tommy getting hurt this time)! As we were walking on the beach we saw some fireworks going off. Apparently it is legal to pop fireworks on the beach. We it just so happen that this time the fireworks caught a yard on fire and almost caught a beach house on fire. It was pretty bad but luckily the local volunteer fire department made it on time and was able to save the house. The pier and fence caught on fire though.

We had a blast with everyone and now we're getting excited for our cruise in a few weeks.