Thursday, January 29, 2009

I can see clearly now...

the dust is gone!
I’ve felt very under the weather today so I stayed home from work. I worked from home until about 1:00 and then I got this burst of energy (I think it was all the antibiotics I was taking). Every time I get sick I can’t sit still. This is good but also bad because I don’t lie down and rest. So anyway, I decided to waste away the time scrubbing my kitchen front top to bottom. And then I had to take pictures to prove it. Maybe the clean smell will help me feel better. With the couples shower next weekend I can’t afford to be sick this weekend. I have lots to do and only 1 weekend to do it in.

And in other news…I’m switching positions at work! Woo hoo. I’ve been trying to do this for over 6 months now and I think its finally going to happen next week. My boss sent me an email today saying I could start the transition. The new position should be very interested, a lot more hands on, and probably a lot busier. I can’t wait!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sorry for the lack in posting the past few weeks. Not much has been going on around here lately. Except that it’s really really cold here. When I say cold I mean 29-35 degrees which I know is nothing compared to the -40 degree temperatures that those up north are experience. But for my Cajun blood that is just too cold. Despite the freezing cold temperatures Tommy and I have been practicing for a 5k race. We’re hoping to run the Boy 5k in Baton Rouge. It’s a 5k race and at the end of the race they serve beer, poboys, donuts, etc. It sounds like a lot of fun! I just hope I can finish. I’ve been practicing 3-4 times per week and I think we can do it by the time the race comes around. Then we hope to do a 10k, then a half marathon, then maybe a full marathon. We’ll see how the 5k goes before we start thinking about the full marathon.

Other than that we’ve been planning a Mardi Gras couples shower at our house for Tommy’s brother and his fiancĂ©. The invite list has about 100 people on it so it will probably be a pretty LARGE shower. I was a little shocked by the number. But hopefully not everyone will show up. We’re doing jambalaya, finger foods, king cake, chocolate fountain, and various drinks. I think we will have plenty for about 60-75 people. It should be a lot of fun. I was nervous at first but I’m getting pretty excited. I started decorating our house for Mardi Gras and I love the purple, green, and gold colors. Not just because it includes LSU purple and gold but it just looks fancy all together. I’ll have to post pictures of our mantle soon. I love it!!

Besides that nothing special has been going on. Just the plan ole work, eat, sleep, enjoy the weekends, etc. Hope you have a great week!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Firefighter's Wife

It takes a special kind of man to do what our husbands do,
But if you think about the way we live, you'll see we're pretty special too.
With 24 hour shifts, investigations and all calls
We've learned to fix our own cars, build bikes and patch the walls.
We calm the children's fears at night. Battle gremlins, ghosts and gnomes.
Dad would be here to do it, but he's saving lives and homes.
Now please don't get me started on what it takes to raise our kids.
I get enough advise from mom on do's and don'ts and did's.
But all the parenting tips and tricks she used when I was small
I've had to learn, in my case, don't really work at all.
I mean, really, what kind of threat is this for a kid who's being bad:
"It might be a couple of day's from now, but just wait 'til I tell your dad!"
We communicate by pagers, sticky notes and voice mail.
On Valentine's Day he e-mails virtual roses without fail.
Interrupted family dinners, he's working Christmas Day.
You sigh as you think of all the years that things will be this way.
Mom's got the kids, your coats are on, you're almost out the door.
This time you're really going out, unlike all the years before.
You think of all the fun you'll have when from his hip you hear a tone
Oh, well. Maybe next year. Another birthday spent alone.
You wave and yell, "I love you" as he rushes past.
Memorizing the smile he gives you for you fear it just might be your last.
You smile until he's out of sight before you let the teardrops pour,
Because even on this special night, there's folks who need him more.
You're our heroes and we love you, never get us wrong.
We know your days are rough, they're challenging and long.
But it takes a different kind of woman to marry this way of life.
You think it's tough to be a fireman? Try being a fireman's wife!

I found this poem on another blog and I really hit home. I can’t tell you how many times Tommy and I have argued over his job as a firefighter and everything he will miss because he will be working. I can’t help to think of when we have kids and if he will miss their birthday or their first Christmas or their first school play, etc, etc. I hate it, I really do. But I realize that he is doing something very special and something that not many people would risk their lives to do. And that makes me proud. Even though I don’t think I’ve ever said it to him I am proud to be a fireman’s wife. It’s hard, it’s lonely at times, it’s unpredictable but it’s my life and it’s my husband so I wouldn’t change a thing.