Friday, October 23, 2009

My crippled husband

Last weekend Tommy participated in a Black Pot Cookoff in our home town. We had a great time and he won first place in the pork division!! As part of the prize he won a small black pot filled with local seasoning and items. He decided he wanted to “show off” his prize to the guy at the fire station, so Monday morning he brought the pot with him to work. Well as he was taking it out of his truck and placing it on a table he back went out. We had to use the wall to stand back up. He went to the doctor Tuesday and luckily he said it was just a pulled muscle that was hitting a nerve. I was just happy it wasn’t a herniated disk or something worst that required surgery. Poor thing has been home and in pain all week. The first few days he could barely walk or get up from the couch. It has slowly been getting better. He decided last night to try going to work today. I hope he doesn’t hurt it even more. He’s only 25 years old, I told him he’s going to be crippled and need a walker by the time he’s 30. :-)

He’s off the rest of the weekend and hopefully I can convince him to start looking at baby furniture. He thinks we have to wait until we know the gender before we can pick a crib. I want to get the furniture picked out that way once we know the gender I can go crazy with picking out bedding, decorations, etc!! We have a doctor’s appt on November 6th where we will hear the heartbeat again and schedule our appt for the ultrasound sometime in early December…that’s going to make for a wonderful Christmas. Speaking of the Christmas season, I have been so excited about going shopping on Black Friday. We’ve gone the last 3 or 4 years and I can’t wait to do it again. I already signed up on the Black Friday ads website and I’m waiting to receive email when they post new ads! I hope everyone has a great weekend!! GEAUX TIGERS!