Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. It's hard to believe it's already over. We had a very busy few days and enjoyed visiting with all of our family. Last Saturday we had Christmas with Tommy's brother since we was working Christmas day. Then we spent Christmas Eve cooking at our house then eating at my Aunt & Uncle’s house. My dad actually took a visit to the ER Christmas Eve for a staf infection in his leg. He broke his ankle about 4 years ago and has been battling an infection in that leg ever since. But luckily it wasn't anything too major and he was able to go home with a few antibiotics. Christmas day was a little better. We went to my grandparent’s house which is absolutely crazy every year. We have a 50-60 people there with tons and tons of food. We eat everything from teal to geese to meat pies. Anything that my uncle has killed and my grandma has in the freezer is laid on the table. It’s great. After lunch we find a little spot on the floor in the living room and grandpa plays Santa Clause and hands out the hundreds of gifts under the tree. I remember how excited I used to be when I was little to hurry and eat lunch so we could open gifts. Now I just like to see the kid’s faces as they open their gifts. After my grandparents Christmas we headed to Tommy's parents for a little while to open gifts with them. Then we headed to my parents to drop off some food and check to see how my dad was doing. After all of that we headed home and fell asleep. Friday we went to movies to watch Marley & Me. It was pretty good movie. I thought it was going to be a comedy but I laughed and cried throughout the whole thing. It was a good family show. Below are a few pics from my grandparent’s house:
Grandpa as Santa Claus

Tommy sooo excited for gifts

The sea of presents

Aunt Monica so excited for gifts

Grandpa and grandma amongst the sea of presents

Some of the kids finding their spot in the living room.
Uncle Matt and the baby dolls.