Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Toledo Bend

We went to Toledo Bend July 11-13 for the annual Dupre vacation and we had a blast. We go every year with my grandparents and aunts and uncles and we always have a great time. Its about 30-40 people all sleeping in one HUGE lodge. We fish, water ski, tube, ride jet skis, etc. This year we decided to bring our dog, Cajun. He's a year old chocolate lab. We bought a wireless electric fence and collar and he did so well. He stayed near everyone and he didn't jump on the kids or eat anything that was left outside. He was a very good dog.

My uncle Matt and cousin Chris had a secret agent mission on the Saturday night. They did a mass massacre of wasp that were nested above the back door. Uncle Matt has this bug zapper that looks like a miniature tennis racket so they were swinging at wasp for a few hours. It was hiliarous, especially when Chris got stung on his stomach because he wouldn't leave the wasp alone. I took a bunch of pictures that i need to download to my computer so I can post them.

We're having a surprise 60th birthday party of Tommy's dad this Sunday. It should be alot of fun. Tommy and a few other fireman are cooking jambalaya, I did a slideshow of a bunch of pictures of Tommy's dad, and Tommy's mom is decorating the hall. She said there should be about 70 people coming.

And next weekend we're going to Crystal Beach. We're going to Schlitterbahn in Galveston one day which I am very excited about. I love rollercoasters and water slides so that should be blast. We have 13 people coming and we're staying in a house that only sleeps 11 -- should be interesting. I'll definately take alot of pictures that weekend. Vacations, vacations...I love the summer time!