Thursday, July 24, 2008

103.7 degree fever is never good

Tommy hasn't been feeling well since Monday and we checked his temperature Wednesday morning and it was 101. So he stayed home from work and went to the doctor around lunch time. He wasn't showing any other symptoms except he had a little back pain. So the doctor did some blood work and gave him an antibotic and said the results from the blood would be in later in the week.
We'll Wednesday afternoon he was laying in bed shaking because he was so cold, so I checked his temperature and it was 103.7!! So I freaked out and rushed him to the ER. 2 hours later his temperature was down to 101.5 and all the doctor at the ER could tell us was that he could run a urine sample and take a chest X-ray but that Tommy should just take tylenol. So Tommy got fed up and decided to leave the hospital. So here we are at home just taking tylenol and not knowing whats wrong. The doctor just called and said the blood work just came back and everything looked normal. So we have no clue why his body temperature is so high. I hope he gets better soon. Keep him in your prayers.