Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birthday weekend

My birthday was last Saturday, June 28th and I had a really great weekend. Tommy had to work Friday during the day and all day Sunday. But Friday night we went play putt putt golf (which we did on our first date) and then we went to Sonic (which we did on our first date)! So we sort of recreated our first date together. It was really fun. Saturday we cut grass in the pouring the rain and had a crawfish boil with our family and friends. It was alot of fun. Tommy gave me some landscape lighting for our front yard. Hopefully we can put it up this week. My mom gave me a decorative planter, a rolling ice chest, and something else that she has to wait for my dad to give to me. My dad and my sister didn't come to the crawfish boil. My sister had a softball tournament in Baton Rouge that weekend and her games ran late so they stayed in Baton Rouge from 9:30 saturday morning until midnight. I was pretty bummed that they couldn't come.

This weekend should be alot of fun also. Tommy and I are going to Tunica Falls to go hiking and see waterfalls. Then we're going to spend the night in Baton Rouge and go to Bass Pro, Cabela's, and maybe the outlet mall. It should be alot of fun. If it rains on Friday we may end up going to New Orleans instead of Tunica Falls. Either way it will be fun. And then next weekend is Toledo Bend!! I'm so excited. We go to Toledo Bend every year with the Dupre family and it's always so much fun. We have about 30-40 people staying in one huge lodge and people sleeping everywhere...it always makes for a good time. I'll post updates (with pictures of course) of our traveling adventures.