Thursday, May 27, 2010

The last few weeks in pictures...

Hahaha, I think this was a pooing face!
Mommy's precious girl

Abigail's first lunch at Chili's, where Tommy & I started dating and got engaged.

I don't know who likes this position more, Abigail or Tommy. Look at the smile on his face. She already has him hooked.

Mother's day with Granny

so so cute!

This is what Abigail did before my sister's graduation. With all of the noise and lights she was sound asleep. But once it got started we woke her up to eat...she ate 5.5 ounces and stayed up the entire time!!

And here is my sister (Abigail's nanny) after receiving her diploma.

"Mom, I'm so tired of taking pictures!"

Abigail loves this little monkey. She just stares at it and makes faces.

This is one of the many faces of Miss Priss. I don't know what she's trying to tell us when she makes this face, "I'm pooing" or "I want a kiss" or "Where is my food?"

Abigail's first bottle at 2 weeks old and daddy's first time feeding Abigail. She ate 4 ounces and was still hungry!

I don't know why this picture keeps coming up sideways...but it's still cute!

My beautiful little girl. I can already see the attitude in those eyes.

With daddy before church last Sunday. We decided to go to church last Sunday so we got up and got dressed. I put Abigail in a cute pink smocked dress and before I could get her in the car seat she poo'd through her diaper and on the dress (and on my shirt). We had to re-dress her and me and hurry out the door so we wouldn't be late. I guess she didn't like the pink dress.


Vanessa said...

She is absolutely precious! Isn't it amazing how much you love them?!