Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Every dog has it's day...dog.

That Toby Keith song could not have come out at a better time. Poor Cajun had a little surgery last Friday to get neutered, it just wasn't his day. The last few weeks I thought he was calming down and starting to listen a little more so I figured we would be nice and bring him with us to my parents house so he could swim in their pond. Well my little sister has a 6 month old male border collie that Cajun liked a little too much and would not leave him alone. So Tommy and I agreed that it was time to get him fixed. With the baby coming we're hoping that this may calm him down and help him with the transition to having a little baby around...we'll see how that goes. He did great with the surgery. He was a little out of it Friday afternoon and Saturday but Sunday he woke up and was back to normal. He was running all over the yard and jumping into Tommy's truck, etc. I think he's already forgotten what happened to him.