Friday, May 22, 2009

More Disney and Universal Pics

I don't remember if I mentioned it in my last post but we were also able to spend a day at Universal Studios: Island of Adventures park during our trip to Disney. IoA had more adult type rides. They were faster, flipped upside down, and just scarier than all of the ones at Disney. The Hulk and Dueling Dragons at IoA was the best. On Dueling Dragons there are 2 different tracks, one for Fire and one for Ice. Both tracks operate at the same time and there are times when the two coasters come within 12 inches (YES 12 INCHES!!) of each other. So needless to say, you better keep your hands and feet inside the coaster at all times. Here's a picture of the Hulk coaster.

I've always been a huge fan of Jurasic park so when I walked into the IoA and saw this

I was so exicted. They even had a Jurassic Park boat ride where you enter Jurassic Park and almost get attacked by dinosaurs. It was awesome.

Although I mentioned IoA was more for adults or older kids, they still had some great rides for younger kids or like us, younger at heart. They had an entire Cat In the Hat section.
We had a blast at Universal. It definately wasn't has detailed as Disney (no hidden Mickeys) but it was just as enjoyable.

Here are a few other pics from Disney, for some reason I didn't post any pics from Magic Kingdom last time but here's the infamous Cinderella's Castle.
Just kidding, thats a blown glass replica of the castle that you can purchase for $25000. I'm sorry, but if I had $25000 to spend I definately would not spend it on a glass version of the Castle. Here's the real deal...
And we visted the fire station on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom. Tommy even brought a fire dept patch from his dept to put on the wall. We got see where Mickey sleeps

And where Minnie lives

Magic Kingdom is a little kids dream come true and a parents nightmare. Little kids will love the fairytale atmosphere and seeing all of the things there read about in books. Yet parents will be bombared with THOUSANDS of kids running and screaming through the park. We choose to arrive very early and leave at about noon, which was perfect. The lines were shorter and we were able to get out right when the crowd was getting very large. The light show parade and fireworks at MK are amazing. That was my favorite part of the entire week. They played the song, "When you wish upon a star" while the fireworks went off behind Cinderella's Castle and Tinkerbell flew through the sky. It was just perfect. And the lights on the castle changed color ever few minutes.

The last day of our trip Tommy and I took it easy and walked around Downtown Disney. He stopped at a candy store and bought this...

It's a rice krispy treat in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head dipped in chocolate with oreo crumbs on the edges, M&Ms on one side, Butterfinger pieces on the other, and drizzled with white chocolate and caramel. It was abot 3 pounds of solid sugar. And he loved it! I think that was his favorite part of the entire week. Although he only ate one ear and then had to save the rest for later because it was so sweet.

We had a great time and Tommy and I have already said that we will back again in a few years. And we definately have to bring our kids here one day. If you are visiting Disney world soon and have any questions just let me know. I read the Unofficial guide to Disney world 2009 from cover to cover and I think that book as every detail you would ever want to know about the park. It even details which Disney resort hotel rooms have more noise and which have more lighting in the rooms, etc etc. I'm telling you it has every detail. So if you have questions just ask.