Thursday, December 13, 2007

Its been a few days since my last post, I know, I know. I'm sorry. I just started this blog and I'm already slacking. I still haven't made the coconut balls either :-P But anyway, this week has been pretty busy with Christmas parties and work. Monday and Tuesday were pretty plain Jane days. Wake up, go to work, go home, eat, shower, sleep...and do it all over again. Yesterday was action packed (or as action packed as my life will be for a little while). We had our "Christmas luncheon" and ate so much food. They decided to combine everyone this year instead of just doing our building. I thought we would have ALOT of people since it was 3 or 4 building that were invited. However, we only had about 50 people. Most people didn't come because it wasn't the close-knit atmosphere and because they didn't know that other people going. Alot of people also didn't like that they had to cook all of their food and then carry it all the way to our conference center. That would be a pain in the butt. That's why I decided to just bring drinks. No cooking or heating involved. Just open that can and drink! But despite the issues that others had. I enjoyed the luncheon. There wasn't as much food as usual but it was still plenty for everyone to eat.

And last night was our local civic club Christmas party. My dad, my uncle, my FIL, and my DH are all in this club so we enjoyed it and had a good time hanging out together. Its all men in the club and I like to call it the "He Man Woman Hater Club" just because there are no women involved. And you can tell by the way the Christmas party is set up. There is no music, no door prizes, no games. Just come, drink, eat, and talk. They didn't even have light Christmas music playing in the background. But oh well, it was enjoyable. I wasn't feeling good during most of the party and actually got a little dizzy for a while but we still had a good time.

And tonight is Chili's night! DH has been wanting to go to Chili's for a while now and with all of the Christmas parties we can't find time in the day or room in our stomachs for Chilis. But tonight is the night. We started dating eating at Chili's and got engaged at Chilis. So needless to say Chili's is a special place for us. NOt to mention they have great chips and salsa and its happy hour every hour at Chili's. So we love it!

And tomorrow is my day off so I'm sleeping in. Probably take the dog to the park for a while. Oh yeah, I have a male chocolate lab puppy, Cajun. I feel so bad because we haven't shown him much attention lately and haven't played with him much. He's so good though. He's only 4 and a half months old and he knows sit, down, stay, come...and sometimes he knows what NO means. But we're working with him and hopefully he will be fully trained by a year old. I'm registering him for an obediance course in January so hopefully that will help a little. But I'm proud of what he can do! My little Man! So we're going to go enjoy the park. And then I need to go shopping for fabric for curtains in my kitchen. My mom is buying and making my curtain for Christmas. I'm so excited to actually get that done! And I found a great board on (the decorating & renovating board) that has all sorts of ideas for decorating homes. So I got some ideas throughout the week of what I want to do in our master bedroom. And hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to go to shopping for decorations. Maybe I'll even go to Hobby Lobby. That store is by far the best woman store ever! I could spend all day every day in that place. Its great!