Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Christmas Parties have begun!

I absolutey love the Christmas season. My husband thinks I'm crazy but the day after Thanksgiving I was decorating the house and putting up the Christmas tree. And since then I have been listen to Christmas music stations all day at work and when I'm in the car. He's not a huge fan of some of the Christmas carols but oh well, he's a good man so he sucks it up just for me! Anyway, went to our first Christmas of the season last night and had a blast. It was for our financial advisor and they had gumbo and lots of desserts. All of the food was deliciuos, especially the coconut "Mound" balls. I'm definately going to have to find that recipe for my mom. She loves Mound & Almond Joy candy so she would really like this. And I love chocolate so I liked it too. So we had a great night and I look forward to many many more Christmas parties this season. Next wednesday I have 2 parties to attend. Our huge Holiday Bash at work and then our local civic club christmas party that night...what a great day!