Sunday, October 10, 2010

First bites

I thought these pictures were deleted from my camera. But I somehow found them. This is Abigail's first night eating rice cereal (Sept 5th). Since then we've tried oatmeal (didn't like too much), sweet peas (she was somewhat interested), and carrots (she LOVED). We're trying green beans tonight!

She was very interested in the cereal.And would allow it to go into her mouth.

But then would spit it ALL out.

And make funny faces!

This was her face after the first bites of peas. After that she liked them.



Vanessa said...

Haha too funny! Avery tried rice cereal for the first time today. I had my husband take pictures and when I went to look at them, there was no card in the camera :( I guess we'll have to do a second time eating rice cereal photo shoot haha. I'm excited to start her on veggies too! Are you making your own baby food?