Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 months

This post was written on October 5th and the pictures were taken October 5th but I'm just getting around to downloading the pictures so this is really late (its almost time for the 6th month post).

Her and Cajun get along so well.

This is her face when she sees Cajun.

Blowing bubbles

-still size 2 diapers
- Still wearing 3-6 month outfits, some 6 month, and some 9 month outfits. There are a few 12 month jackets and shirts that she fits in now too.
-Until a week ago she was taking 6 oz every 3-3.5 hours. Now she’s taking about 4 oz every 3-4 hours and she has solids at night. We just started today with a solid at her second feeding. She wasn’t too fond of rice cereal or oatmeal but she seems to be doing well with sweet peas so far. We’ll try a different vegetable in a few days.
-She wakes up at least once during the night for a pacifier (never to eat). I think she’s teething and they are starting to bother her at night.
-She can sit with a boppy pillow for about 15 minutes before falling over. She can sit unsupported for a few minutes until she tries to reach for her toes or toys and then falls over.

-I’m betting she’s close to 16 lbs or more by now. We don’t go back to the doctor until Nov 13th so we’ll get an official weight then.

-She still loves Cajun and loves when he licks her in the face.

-She is definitely going to be an outside girl. She loves the outdoors. If she gets a little fussy all we have to do it walk outside and she starts smiling and laughing.

-she’s been squealing, talking, and singing a lot to herself lately. SO cute

-she’s still a cat napper and only takes 45 minute naps during the day.