Friday, October 17, 2008

10 days and counting

As you can probably see from the ticker on the side of my blog, our first anniversary is in only 10 days. I can't beleive it's already been a year since we've been married. It seem like only last month I was standing at the alter with that huge smile on my face.

That was, hands down, the happiest day of my life. But we'll talk more about that later when I do an anniversary post. I'm actually sitting at a car dealership right now getting Tommy's anniversary gift installed onto his truck. He's getting a remote start. And since the traditional gift for first anniversaries is paper, I'm also making him a scrapbook of our first year together. (Thank goodness he doesn't read this blog. He would know everything.) I'm pretty excited about the scrapbook. It's turning out really nice. I'll have to post a few pics. Well I need to go check on the truck to see if it's complete. Have a great weekend!