Wednesday, September 24, 2008

They grow up so quick

No this post is not about kids. Sorry, I don't have any children yet. This is all about my cute HUGE dog, Cajun. I was going through a few pictures the other day and it is amazing how much has grown in just a little over a year. Here is a picture of him the day we got him at 6.5 weeks old...

And here is a picture at 9 weeks old

3.5 months old.

and 6 months old

He is now 14 months old and you can just imagine how big he is now. He can definately knock me over. Gosh I hope my children don't grow up this fast. I keep saying that I can't wait until he's 2 years old and out of the chewing puppy stage but then I will miss his puppy stage. He's not much of a puppy now since he's so big but he still acts like a puppy. I hope everyone has a happy hump day!