Saturday, December 24, 2011

The 3 months of sickness...and counting

Things have been crazy in our household since the week before Connor was born. Abigail had a stomach virus that week. I got it the weekend I went into labor. Tommy had it our first night home. Then Abigail got a cold. Connor got hand, foot, mouth disease at 3 weeks old. Then both of them got colds & pink eye and Connor got an ear infection (which he still has)). Abigail started having bladder issues and we thought she may have kidney problems. Luckily she is fine and probably just holds her urine in. Then Connor got bronchiolitis. Then Abigail got some viral condition that made her break out in hives.
So, needless to say, tommy and I are exhausted...and the doctors kids will be getting VERY nice gifts for christmas from all the money he's made from our weekly appointments the last 3 months.
Luckily Abigail seems to be doing fine. Connor still has an ear infection. He's had 2 rounds of amoxicillin, 1 rocephin shot, and is now on another oral antibiotic. He also still seems to have a little wheezing from the bronchiolities , hopefully that will go away soon. I'm ready to have a healthy house!