Friday, December 31, 2010

Sickness & a tooth!

Abigail tested positive for RSV on Tuesday. She started coughing and having a runny nose on Christmas Eve. And sometimes when she ate she would gag on the mucus in her throat and throw up. So I figured something was wrong. We gave her breathing treatments but it didn't seem to be getting better. So Tuesday morning we went to doctor and my suspisions were confirmed. She has RSV and an ear infection. She's on steriods, antibiotics, cough medicine, and breathing treatments. She's already doing MUCH better!

And on top of being cranky becasue of the sickness, she's also cutting her first tooth. It hasn't seemed to bother her too much. But at times she searches for everything that she can fit into her mouth to chew on. So these last few days have been interesting. Hopefully this is the first and last time we see RSV in our home!

We won't be doing much to celebrate New Years Eve tonight since Abigail is sick and its supposed to rain ALL night long. Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years.



Erin said...

Poor little one :( And poor mom and dad too! It is the worst having a sick baby . . I hope she feels better soon. But YAY for a tooth :)

Cady said...

I hope she feels better soon! My daughter had RSV when she was about 2 months old. The breathing treatments are not fun at all!