Friday, July 2, 2010

1st day of daycare

Abigail's first day at daycare was yesterday which means it was my first day back at work. The morning was actually harder than I thought it would be. I've only been away from her for a few hours in the last 8 weeks. Tommy has watched her twice so I can run errands and have some "me" time and then my mom watched her last weekend so we could go to dinner. But I knew this would be different. My days of staying home with her all day and playing and watching her every move were over. I knew that I would no longer be able to spend hours upon hours with her. I'll only get about 3 hours every afternoon before she's in bed and sleeping. So anyway, yesterday was tough. I cried before we left the house as I was putting her in her carseat. I cried on the way to the daycare as I watched her in mirror. I think she was wondering what in the heck she was doing in the car so early in the morning...She had an expression like, "Why am I not still sleeping in my bed?" So I pulled up to daycare and Tommy pulls up beside me (we both went to see her off for the first day). We had a few minutes to wait until they opened so Tommy decided to take her out of her car seat so we could play. As he pulled her out he noticed she poo'd...ALL OVER THE PLACE. She had poo all down her back, from her butt to her shoulders. What a great first day! Luckily we were prepared and had an extra change of clothes in her diaper bag. She we changed her in the back of my car and brought her inside. I was ok for a few minutes and then when we had to say goodbye, I broke down again. It's funny because she doesn't know any different, I'm the one freaking out about it. I guess it's just a mom thing. The lady at the daycare said one mom cried everyday for 3 months...3 months...I hope I'm not like that.

I called twice yesterday to check on her. I don't know what I was expecting to her. I just find out how many times she poo'd and how long she slept, etc. It's not like I can ask if she's being good, or she's playing well with the other kids. She had a great first day. Her sitter was very impressed with her head control and how well took the bottle since she was breastfeed. She's such a great baby.

Last night was rough too. We have to ALOT to accomplish in only a few hours every afternoon. She eats at 6:00 and then again at 8:30 and between that time Tommy and I have to cook and eat, we have to prepare the bottles for next day, prepare our luches for the next day, I have to pump, and hopefully we have time to shower before then. It was hard last night and Tommy was home. I don't know what I'm going to do when he has to work and I have to do it all myself. I have great respect for single parents of infants. It's not easy. But we'll find a routine and it will get better every day.

I did good this morning. I didn't cry at all. I know she's in good hands. And lots of kids go to daycare and they survive, and so will we. Everything will be fine! I know she's going to have so much fun at this place when she gets older and she's going to learn so much just from being around other kids.

And because we can't have another post with a picture...
Check out that wild hair


red said...

Thanks for sharing - I was wondering how you did when Abigail was dropped off at daycare. I'm glad the next day went better! She is adorable!

KaylaDanielle said...

ohhhh, that hair is precious!
Stopping by from new friend friday!